What to do About Terrorism

Here is a very good article about what happened with the Paris Terror attacks and why. It does have a lot to do with you and with America itself, even though most people here still aren’t aware of what is coming down the pike.
I don’t necessarily agree that the author’s solution is the best.  But it’s better than doing nothing.  The BEST solution, of course, is to rapidly continue waking up sleeping sapiens with Scientology Processing, because an awake population wouldn’t succumb to any of the nonsense related in this article.  In fact, the ONLY reason that such a threat as is detailed in the following article even exists as a threat is because the majority of the population are still sleep-walking.  Of course, the sleepwalkers aren’t aware of that fact.  But think about it: who can be aware that they are asleep?  And that’s the real problem we face…most of this population is asleep at the wheel, they just don’t know it.   They walk and they talk and you might think that they were normal.  But they’re not.