Terrorism Today. Why?

With the terrorist attacks in Paris in the news, it’s time that the American people knew the truth about terrorism and who really creates it. The short story is that we and our allies create terrorists.   And we must be doing it intentionally OR our military and our government are VERY VERY stupid. Personally, I think it’s the former. Read the following and see what you think.

For me, the story starts back in 1967 when I heard a tape called RJ-67 (for Ron’s Journal 1967). That tape alerted me to the fact that all was not as most people thought it was. So I started to look. Then, in late 1977 my then 34 year old brother died of cancer, after trying for several years to find an alternative to the medical mafia’s chemotherapy, radiation and cut, slash and burn tactics.

Soon after my brother died I heard a tape called “The Politics of Cancer Therapy” by G. Edward Griffin. In that talk (and in his book “World Without Cancer” from which the talk was taken), Griffin documents how the Rockefellers and I.G. Farben (a German corporation controlled by the Rothschilds and which financed Hitler) split up the pharmaceutical/medical world between the two of them. Rockefeller got America and I.G. got the rest of the world. It was a fascinating talk which ended up involving most of our major corporations. Anyway, listen to the tape if further interested. It’s available as a CD now. The point is that I was so fascinated with Mr. Griffin’s work that I went out to Thousand Oaks and interviewed him at his office. This was about 1983, and as I was leaving I asked him what he was researching now. He told me he was researching state sponsored terrorism. Remember that this was in the early 80’s, almost 20 years before the 9-11 attacks, which any real investigation will show was a US Government false flag event meant to cause the American people to allow our military to go to war in the Middle East. Since then we have had numerous false flag attacks here in America such as the Sikh Temple shooting, the Sandy Hook shooting, the Clackamas Mall shooting, the LAX shooting, and several others. From this it should be apparent that elements of our government are in the terrorist creation business.

As a result of reading Mr. Griffin’s works and hearing RJ 67 and other LRH works, in the early 80’s I put on my investigative hat and began reading everything I could find on what the government was really doing and who was behind it. And I continued to do that up into present time, though I now have a pretty good background to understand what is really going on in the world without too much more research. And, funny thing, it’s not what most people think. In fact, what’s really happening is often the exact reverse of what most people think.

Moving over to the Middle East we find our taxpayer dollars going towards turning Iraq into a war zone and killing their leader (Saddam Hussein), who had, up to that time, kept things under control in his country and the economy rolling along nicely. This was done on the pretext that Saddam was involved in the 9-11 attacks (which he wasn’t).   So now Iraq is a breeding ground for terrorists who have no economy and virtually nothing better to do than go shoot the people who are busy killing their friends and families (or as an added benefit, anyone they don’t like). Then we went into Libya and did the exact same thing and turned that place into another breeding ground for terrorists. THEN we took (stole is the proper word) the weapons stockpiled by Kaddafi in Libya and started handing them out to CIA trained mercenaries who we used to call al-Qaeda and who we now call ISIS or ISIL. The purpose was to get ISIS/ISIL to unseat Bashar al-Assad in Syria. The kerfluffel in Benghazi where our “ambassador” was killed was due to the fact that some of the locals didn’t think it was kosher for our “ambassador” to steal Libya’s weapons and give them to American trained mercenaries to go fight in Syria. And I would agree with them. But that’s what was happening. Oh, you didn’t read about that in the MSM? How surprising. But then, you won’t find anything useful in the MSM as they are a PR outlet, not a news outlet. And their job is to keep the truth away from Americans as much as possible and to keep them entertained, misinformed and stupid.

The next question is; why did we and our allies train and arm the mercenaries we now call ISIS/ISIL, etc. and set them loose in the Middle East to create havoc? Oh, you don’t believe we did that? Well, it’s in most of the alternative news sources and has been for months. Go look.   You’ll find the stories if you look.   Anyway, we created ISIS/ISIL out of al-Qaeda (which was created earlier by the CIA), because the American people wouldn’t let our puppet president (Obama) go over and bomb Syria directly like he wanted to do to unseat Assad. And then after creating and arming them, our military pretended to go bomb the crap out of ISIS/ISIL. But that was mostly just a great pretense according to several news sources. So Russia is now doing that job instead. Therefore it seems to me as if our own military and our own government are the real terrorists. Doesn’t it seem like that to you?

It’s not patriotic to go kill foreign leaders you don’t like and create disaster zones out of those countries when those leaders were no threat to America. And the Muslim refugees who are now flooding into Europe and America are no accident either. It’s just more planned chaos by the banksters who run our country and who run most of the rest of the world as well and who hate us.

Folks, America has been under attack almost since it was first formed shortly after 1776. And the people who are behind the attack are the kings, queens, princes and war lords and their bankers who ran the rest of the world before America broke free. And those people hate us and wish to destroy us and our Constitution. One of the hallmarks of such an external attack is rampant drug use. But the attacks started long before drugs were introduced. In fact, every war we have fought since 1776 has been fought due to fabrications and upsets created by the banksters in order to weaken us. But I won’t go back further than WW I here.  Meanwhile, read “War is a Racket” by Smedley Butler for help in an understanding of why so many wars.  It’s online if you look.

In 1913, President Wilson (a bankster puppet) helped institute the totally unconstitutional Federal Reserve System AND the totally unconstitutional IRS.   They were both needed in order to get America onto an ongoing war footing, because the banksters knew that no country could go on a war footing for long just on taxes alone.   It just couldn’t be done. So they had to have a way to constantly inflate the money supply. And the Fed does that. In fact, without the Fed to constantly inflate the money supply, there would be no constant wars. Wouldn’t be possible. Anyway, then, the IRS was used to steal as much wealth as possible from the people in order to suppress the economy and to pay the banksters who own the Fed, their pound of flesh — for doing nothing.  The IRS purpose was also to create an intrusive system of making the citizens help the government to track their every move.   Those are the real reasons for the IRS which does little or nothing to fund the operations of our government and should be abolished along with the Fed.

After the Fed and the IRS were both in place in 1913, then in 1915 we sent the Lusitania over to Great Britain loaded with munitions to be used against the Germans who were currently fighting the British. But our government didn’t let the passengers know that the ship was carrying munitions and was thus a legitimate wartime target for the Germans. And the Germans sunk it. And shortly after that we were in WW I.

Interestingly, before the Lusitania sailed, the Germans had taken out ads in all the Eastern seaboard newspapers warning people not to sail on the Lusitania and telling them why. But, funny thing, only one small paper published the ads. I wonder why. So the sinking of the Lusitania was used as a very lame excuse to get us into WW I.   And it worked. And our young men went over to Europe and fought and died for no good reason, and especially not to protect American citizens, which is the ONLY reason we needed a military in the first place.   Anyway, Wilson was a traitor to the American people in so many ways.

A similar thing happened to get us into WW II, which FDR was ordered to do by the banksters. So when the sinking of the Rueben James, an outmoded WW I destroyer which was sunk by a German sub while on convoy escort duty, protecting munitions carrying ships going to Great Britain, proved insufficient to rile the America people, FDR froze Japanese assets in America banks and blocked their access to the oil in the South China Sea which they desperately needed, thus assuring a Japanese attack. The Americans had also broken the Japanese code and so knew when and where the attack would hit. But FDR withheld that information from the commanders at Pearl until after the attack had occurred. FDR was a traitor to the American people.

Interestingly, the only ships which were sunk at Pearl were outmoded battleships which would be of little use in the coming war. The real gems were the aircraft carriers.   And those were all at sea, whereabouts unknown. And none of them were sunk. How fortunate.

After WW II ended, Col. L. Fletcher Prouty wrote of having observed shiploads of munitions left over from WW II, being sent to both Ho Chi Minh and to the South Koreans. Hmmmm.   What a surprise! So shortly after that we were at war in Korea and then in Vietnam fighting soldiers supplied with our own weapons. But neither war had anything to do with protecting the American people from attack. In fact, all either one did was to weaken the American economy and enable the government to assume more power. And the story marches on into other misadventures until we wind up today with our military and our tax dollars beating the crap our of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya (and now Syria) and turning them all into jungles of people with no economy and nothing to do but fight the people who were busy killing their friends and families and destroying their countries.  So we now have Homeland Security and the Patriot Act, both of which are unconstitutional and which have no place in America.  And we have the TSA groping everyone who flies.   But they still can’t find a bomb or a weapon 9 times out of 10.  But they do take nice nude picture of you and me with their scanners.  And that friends, is where we are today.

Consider this; if foreign soldiers came to America and started killing people you knew, like we’re doing in the Middle East, how would you feel?   Wouldn’t you be just a bit miffed about the whole thing? Actually, every time we kill someone in the Middle East, someone that knew them or was related to them gets ticked off and becomes a terrorist. WE create the terrorists. Isn’t it time we made our HA! Representatives and our puppet President quit stirring up trouble in foreign lands and call our military home?

If you are at all interested in this subject, here are a couple of very long videos which delve into the subject much deeper. You’ll need to watch them in stages if interested though, as they are too long for most people to watch at one sitting. But if you’re really interested in what’s going on in the world, I do suggest you watch them sooner or later.