The Coming Elections

When you consider voting for a candidate in the upcoming electiions and while listening to the BS being spread about by the candidates from both parties, you need to really investigate to make sure that they aren’t just another insider puppet, such as we’ve had for the past 50+ years at least, regardless of political party.  And just so you know, virtually all the current crop of candidates along with our current crop of Senators and Congressmen (with the exception of Rand Paul and possibly one or two others), and including the President of course, are all merely puppets of the international banksters, with short strings.  And the same is true of many of the Governors and representatives of our bigger states as well.  They’re puppets of the financial elite who make them wealthy beyond belief IF they cooperate.
Being a politician can be very rewarding financially, if you have no scruples.  So most of them eventually succumb and go on the take.  A good security check, pulling all the secret/evil deeds and blackmail material off all politicians would be certain to make some real changes in our world.  I suggest it.
Meanwhile, below is a very telling article, which shows just how criminal our Federal Government has become.  We are apparently now the Nazis of the present day world, and are more or less single handedly responsible for all the trouble, death and destruction in the Middle East.  That’s what your and my tax dollars have done for the world at large.  And while most of the blame can be laid at the feet of the current administration, HW Bush, Clinton and W Bush did their parts too, and set the ball rolling.  They are all, after all, merely puppets of the international banksters who call the shots for their puppets in government.
Now read the following article and make up your own mind about our Middle East involvement.
And then add to the above the fact that our CIA, DEA and military have combined to be the world’s largest drug smuggling ring and drug smuggling protection racket, which you can read about in the books “Compromised” by Terry Read; “Deep Cover” and “The Big White Lie” by Michael Levine; or read  For more data, read “Dark Alliance” by assassinated (presumably by the CIA) ex-San Jose Mercury News investigative reporter, Gary Webb who reportedly “committed suicide” by shooting himself in the head — twice — with a .38 caliber revolver.  I wonder how many others have managed that one. Ha!