Democrats vs Republicans is Failing?

Think about the following quotes from an excellent Bob Livingston article which tells about how the two party system came about and why it’s failing…again.  It’s a very informative article and the American people need to know this.  So pass it along to your friends.  You can read the whole article here:

“…Just think back for a moment and consider how long it has been since electing a president has changed the direction of the country from empire building, foreign wars, debt, money printing, and growing government to smaller government and individual liberty. How long has it been since a Congress controlled by one party or the other shut down unconstitutional alphabet soup agencies, shrank government or passed a law that did not benefit the elites and Wall Street and the establishment to the detriment of the people? Is there a time?”

“…Regardless of which “party” holds power, government grows more oppressive and steals more wealth from its people. It creates one crisis after the other, keeping the people agitated against each other so they cannot focus on the real culprit behind their lost liberties: fascist government.

Americans now recognize that the party elites and the candidates they push no longer represent the American people in any fashion. This has led to the rise of Donald Trump in the Republican Party and Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Party presidential races. Both are opposed by the crony capitalist, fascist-leaning, Council on Foreign Relations [otherwise known as the CFR]dominated, globalist-minded political establishment.”