What Starts a Protest Movement?

Most of the “protest” movements we see today, resulting in riots and upset are supposedly about racial issues.  But are they really?  Read the following:

As our government and our media try their best to drum up race riots by constantly talking about and covering “protest” marches allegedly due to police killings of three different people in unrelated circumstances, it’s comforting to hear a bit of sanity coming from one of the victims relatives (article at the bottom).

First, here are the actual circumstances of the three killings:

  1. Michael Brown, an 18 year old, 360 lb black teenager stole some cigarillos from a convenience store. That makes him a thief.  When Police officer Darren Wilson, (a rather small white man) attempted to apprehend Brown, the thief attacked him and attempted to take his gun.  Brown got shot in the process of attacking Wilson.  This obviously has nothing to do with race, other than the fact that the thief was black and the arresting officer was white.  Yet it is being painted as race related, and professional instigators are now going around starting “protests” to stir up trouble.  These professional instigaors are to be found more often than you can imagine.  In fact, they are behind nearly all cases of major protests and/or riots.  The more interesting question is “who is paying these guys.”  But that’s a whole different story, which you can read more about in the article below.  I’ll give you a clue first though:  It’s the very same wealthy elite who run the Fed and who control most of our politicians.
  1. Eric Garner, a 43 year old giant black man was choked to death by the NYC police, who were white, for the crime of selling untaxed cigarettes. This was totally a case of police brutality and had nothing to do with race, as the chockhold that was used was illegal in NYC.  Unfortunately, the NYC  Police have a very bad reputation for police brutality and that does need to be handled.  But it has little or nothing to do with race.
  1. Tamir Rice (a 12 year old black teenager) was running around in a park waving a pellet gun. Several white police officers came on the scene and shot him when he refused to put the gun down.  This appears to be a case of suicide by cop and had nothing to do with race.

Those are the facts.  Yet we now see protests being staged to protest these killings as race related.  However, none of those killed were targetted because they were black.  In fact, even if they were white they probably would have suffered the same fate. 

Interestingly, the same “organizers” can be found starting protests and riots virtually every time you see one start, because such activities rarely (if ever) start by themselves.  People are paid to create such protests and riots.  And one of those people is in the White House.

So now listen to what the daughter of Eric Garner had to say about her father’s killing: http://personalliberty.com/garner-death-race-says-daughter/

Now read the following, about the people who start protests and riots: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2014/12/who_is_leading_and_financing_the_orc_army_of_the_left.html