Is Terrorism a Real Threat to America?

We hear constantly in the tightly control “news” media about how we are being threatened by Al Qaeda, the newly created ISIS and other terrorist groups.  Funny thing is, these “terrorists” are all funded by our own government in order to keep the wars going around the world, in order to keep the banksters happy, in order to keep the war industries wealthy and in order to keep you and I poor and enslaved.  So remember this the next time you hear how we need to go to war against some country or group within a country and don’t fall for the lie.  And tell your political representative that you oppose all war talk.  Then pass this on  to all your friends.

The following is a talk by former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook who died (or was murdered – likely murdered) while hiking in the Scottish Highlands.

“There is no Al Qaeda.  The so called Al Qaeda that we see are actually Kharjees (fake Muslims), along with Mossad, CIA and RAW (India’s external intelligence agency) led and trained mercenary gangs like TTP (a Pakistani militant group) who pose as Islamic Jihadists and create justification for global information war and propaganda to launch a new war against another Muslim country.”

“The truth is that there is no Islamic Army or terrorist group called Al Qaeda.  And any informed intelligence officer knows this.  But there is [a] propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the devil only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism.  The country behind this propaganda is the US…”  That’s what he said.  And he was in a position to know what he was talking about.

Now, read the following and make up your own mind whether Robin Cook was murdered: