Who is Causing the Recessions?

Far too many people today are still not aware of how the big bankers (often referred to as “the banksters”) control our economy along with most of our politicians regardless of political party.  This they have done for over 100 years.  They also control the content of the main stream media, which is why you cannot get really useful news from these outlets today.  
The following (almost 2 hour) video tells the story in great detail, along with what to do about it.  It also explains what causes recessions and depressions.  Be sure to listen to it to the end, even if you have to do it in stages, if you really want to know why things are in the sad state that they are AND what can be done to make things better.
Incidentally, our biggest weapon in setting things right again is an educated public.  So be sure to pass this on to your friends as it is VERY educational.