HIV and Ebola are man made!

A small element of the elite who actually run the governments of the world through financial chicanery, have long since decided that they need to reduce the population from about 8 billion down to anywhere from 2 billion to 300 million, depending upon who is talking.  But how are they going to do that?  Well, from reading current news reports, it appears that elements of our government have been put to work on population reduction by spreading the Ebola virus, which they made.

Back in the 1990’s Dr. Lenard Horowitz found evidence that both AIDs and Ebola were created by the US government in their biowar labs, to be used as population reduction diseases.  He then wrote a book about his discoveries titled “Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola.  Here’s the online pdf version of that book:  Or if you prefer to read a printed version you can buy a copy at

Here’s more evidence that our government is the guilty party in spreading the Ebola virus.