Global Warming Again…

After pushing the manmade Global Warming hoax and scaring the sheeple half to death at the behest of the global elite, Al Gore has made millions from government largess.  That good fortune came as a result of your and my tax dollars at work under Obama and the global elite’s “green” effort.
Read this article from Jon Rappoport and then take another look at the real reason for the push to curtail CO2 emissions, Cap and Trade etc..
And remember the line from the following article, “They are parrots,” because that’s what most people are today.  They parrot what they hear in the misinformation media with no investigation what-so-ever.  And worse, many of them have no idea that personal investigation of anything they hear in the media is even something they should do.  So they just parrot it and pass it along to other parrots.
The last couple of paragraphs in the article give a clue to what the manmade Global Warming hoax is really all about.  So read the whole thing.

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