Two Mass Killings in 3 Weeks. What Gives?

You may be wondering about the cause of two recent mass murders within about 3 weeks of each other; the Batman shooting in Colorado and the Sikh Temple shooting in Wisconsin.  What do these two incidents have in common?
To understand them you need to see a 1962 movie titled “The Manchurian Candidate” starring Frank Sinatra.  Since that time (1962), the term: “Manchurian Candidate” has been used to refer to a person who has been “brainwashed” into becoming a programmed killer. 
Both James Holmes (alleged Colorado shooter) and Wade Michael Page (alleged Sikh Temple shooter) have all the characteristics of having been subjected to mind control programming.
The 1959 book “The Manchurian Candidate” by Richard Condon and the 1962 movie of the same name, starring Frank Sinatra and Janet Leigh, expose the use of this type of disposable agent in such activities as assassinations.  The book and movie, however, portray the creation of Manchurian Candidates as being something done by the Koreans and not (heaven forbid) by our own government. Unfortunately, since the end of WW II, our own government has actually been obsessed with working to create the perfect programmed agent who remembers nothing of either his brainwashing or the act he was programmed to do.  These attempts at “mind control” went under various names; Artichoke, Bluebird, MK ULTRA, etc..  These highly illegal activities carried out by our government’s “intelligence agencies” were exposed and supposedly ended by Senator Frank Church as a result of the Church Senate hearings held in 1975.  However, they did not end, and have continued to this day. 
You might ask why our own government would engage in what amounts to illegally creating terrorists who act against their own citizens.  Well, there are a number of reasons for that.  One reason is to get laws passed banning guns, because an armed populace is a danger to despots, such as those who run America behind the scenes.  Another reason is that it is a way to get rid of pesky or unwanted voices who our hidden rulers cannot control (people such as; JFK, RFK, MLK, JFK Jr., etc).  Another is that it allows the government to increase in size and scope “to protect” the people from the violence that they themselves perpetrated.  Governments down through the ages have often used such methods.
In April 1995, Manchurian Candidate Tim McVeigh allegedly blew up the Alfred P Murrah building with a truck bomb and then conveniently got arrested for driving a get-away car without a license plate.  WHAT?????  Who would drive a car without a license plate, much less after committing a crime?  Meanwhile, expert analysis shows that the truck bomb could not have brought down the building.  Also there were lots of unexplained goings on surrounding that event involving govt. bomb squad agents seen around the bldg. BEFORE the explosion; unexploded bombs found still attached to uncollapsed building columns, etc..  However, McVeigh was railroaded into a conviction in a mock trial that suppressed evidence and he was then hastily put to death before anyone could undo his hypnotic programming and find out what really happened with him.
Since the early 1950’s American government mind control programs have been used to create what we know as Manchurian Candidates who are either programmed killers or are portrayed as looney-tune loners.  Such people, if not used as the actual killers are used as patsies to take the fall for the real killers, as in the case of Sirhan Sirhan.  Because of their programming these people don’t remember being programmed and often don’t even remember doing the deed, or anything about it.  In fact, they often appear stunned or “not there” mentally, after the fact, just like James Holmes looked in his recent court appearance photos.
However, in addition to James Holmes, there have been a whole string of killings done by programmed assassins or using programmed patsies to take the heat, going back to at least the killing of JFK, if not before.  The managed news dished out by our controlled media, of course, never mentions any possibility that these guys were programmed Manchurian Candidates.  And any evidence which doesn’t follow the “official story” and which escapes into initial reports, is quickly suppressed and never appears again.  So few people bother to check if there was more to the story than reported in the “official version” carried by the well-controlled 
mainstream media.  Now that it has been brought to your attention, you can go back in history and see what you think of the following (and numerous others which I didn’t list here). 
The following is a list of events which were almost certainly carried out by Manchurian Candidates.  Take a look at the data, do your own research and see what you think:
Starting with the recent Aurora Colorado shooting, James Holmes, the alleged shooter, was completely out of it when arrested and had no memory of the shooting, as could be expected of a Manchurian Candidate. Holmes was most likely just a programmed patsy used by a couple of professional hit men who did the actual shooting and set up Holmes to take the rap.  See:
Then, going back in time, the first use of a programmed killer/patsy I can recall, involved Oswald who supposedly shot JFK, but actually never even shot at him, much less hit him.  Then there was Sirhan Sirhan who shot at Robert Kennedy but didn’t hit him.  He was obviously “out of it” and to this day has no real memory of the shooting.  And evidence from the scene shows that none of his shots hit Kennedy anyway, as Rosey Greer and others had his shooting arm pinned before he could shoot Kennedy.  Sirhan was simply the patsy.  See:
There was the supposed shooter of Martin Luther King, James Earl Ray, who was a likely Manchurian Candidate.  See:
There was the shooter of John Lennon (Mark David Chapman), who was an obviously programmed psych case.  See:
There were the D.C. Snipers (John Allen Mohammed and Lee Malvo), whose official government story has more holes in it than a kitchen sieve. 
Then there was the unexplained crash of JFK Jr’s plane which was likely the work of a programmed killer posing as a flight instructor.  The crash of Egypt Air’s Flight 990 was also likely the work of a Manchurian Candidate.  See:
The Arizona shooter, Jared Loughner, appears to have been a programmed “lone nut” shooter.  See
The recent Sikh Temple shooting, contrary to the “official” story, actually involved four men dressed in black who started shooting in the temple, according to one witness.  Only one of those four was blamed for the act, however — a guy named Wade Michael Page.  But since he’s dead and the others aren’t talking, we’re left with the government’s version of events, which is almost certainly lacking in critical details.  See:
Then there were:  Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter, Ted Kaczinski, (the Unabomber), Michael McDermott (killer of 7 in Wakefield, on Dec 26, 2000) and John Hinkley Jr. who shot at (but never hit) President Reagan.  They were all almost certainly Manchurian Candidates.
Unfortunately, most Americans don’t like to believe that there are people in society (and especially not in government) who would create programmed killers.  And because of this disbelief, these criminal types are now more or less in control of the “intelligence” arms of our government.
So I have a project for you: the next time you see or hear of a senseless killing, immediately suspect that the person was either on psych meds, was withdrawing from them or had been PDHed and turned into a Manchurian Candidate with orders to do what he did.  This type of atrocity can only continue as long as the majority of the population are unaware of it’s cause.  So, by alerting others to this, you are doing something to prevent it’s recurrence.