Can You Recognize a Chemtrail?

The Great Chemtrail Coverup.

Having been interested in airplanes since I was a small boy in the early 40’s, I have been looking up in the sky for over 60 years now.  Also I’m trained as an engineer and have been a pilot and flight instructor since the 60’s.  So I know what I’m looking at when I see jets leaving trails in the sky.

I have lived in Southern California for most of my life.  So I know what the sky is supposed to look like here.  And it has changed markedly in the past few years.  The sky is now generally covered by a milky white layer of varying thickness, of what appears to be clouds or haze.

Before the 90’s, if you saw a jet leaving a trail in the sky, that trail would hold together in a rather narrow line and fade away fairly soon after the jet has passed.  Such trails are called contrails, which is short for condensation trails.  Since the mid 90’s many of the jet trails we now see don’t fade away.  Instead they trail out much, much longer than a contrail.  And then they spread out and hang for hours.  Those are called chemtrails because something has been sprayed behind the jet.

A Contrail Explained

When a jet passes through the atmosphere, the wing compresses the air under it.  Then, as it flows out from under the wing, it suddenly changes from the high pressure area under the wing, to the lower pressure of the surrounding air.  This sudden drop in pressure cools the air.  And if it contains the right percentage of water vapor (and particulate matter, like dust), a small cloud will instantly form behind the jet.  This cloud appears as a line and is called a contrail.  Then, as that cloud trail warms again and equalizes with the surrounding air, the trail starts to dissipate.  Thus a contrail will appear to follow the jet as the trail disappears.  A distinguishing characteristic of a contrail is that they are rather narrow and they do not spread out very much.  This is what a contrail consists of and how you would identify one.  A chemtrail, on the other hand is an entirely different animal.

A Chemtrail Explained

During the 1990s, and right on up to the present, another type of trail started to appear more and more frequently behind jet airplanes.  This trail does not disappear after the jet passes.  Instead it hangs in the air and spreads out into a milky white cloud.  And unless the winds blow it away, it will stay there most of the day.  These are referred to as chemtrails because something has been sprayed out of the passing jet.  And that something will eventually reach the ground and affect everything down there…including you.

The government is being very secretive about the chemtrails program.  In fact, if government spokespeople say anything about such a program, they say that they’re not doing it.  But anyone with a working pair of eyes and a little knowledge of physics and aircraft will know that they are being sprayed with something almost daily, if they just bother to look up once in a while.

Since many aircraft are involved in the chemtrails program, and since they fly almost daily spray missions, who else but the government could be doing it?  Who else has the aircraft and the funds to carry out such a program, especially since it is happening all over America and in many foreign countries as well?

The mere fact that the government won’t reveal anything about the program indicates that what they are spraying is probably harmful.  But because the government isn’t talking, what it is that is being sprayed can only be determined by an analysis of the ground before and after a spray campaign

Investigators from many different parts of the country are all in agreement that the spray contains aluminum oxide (thus the milky white coloring of the sky after a spray campaign), barium salts and various other substances.  And the aluminum oxide and barium salts are toxic to humans, plants and animals.  Thus they should not be sprayed on anyone, much less on the whole country.  In fact, several people I know have trouble breathing after a spray campaign has been done.

Since chemtrails are apparently being sprayed over most of the populated areas of the country (and in other countries as well), on days when there are no storms to blow the spray away, it shouldn’t be too hard for a person to observe this activity for themselves.  It’s quite frequent in most populated areas.  If you watch the sky regularly, you will observe when they are spraying chemtrails.  When they do, several planes are usually involved and they eventually put out enough spray that the trails spread out and eventually link up and cover the whole sky, which then becomes a kind of milky white.

The Disinformation Game

Of course, we already know from history that when the government does something criminal, it puts out a disinformation campaign to throw the public off the trail.  It did that with the assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK and with 9-11 as well.  In fact, our government is much better at doing disinformation campaigns than it is at telling the truth.   Since a lot of people are now getting wise to the chemtrails program, it is apparently doing a disinformation campaign on chemtrails as well.  Following is an example from one of many.

Since you now know how to tell the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail, read the following and observe how a disinformation campaign works.

One of the headlines of this disinformation article says: Normal contrails can persist and spread”.  That’s a half truth, which is a hallmark of a disinformation campaign.  Since actual contrails are created by a lowered air pressure being suddenly released by the wing of a passing jet, this forms a cloud trail.  But once the air forming the cloud trail equalizes with the surrounding air, the contrail will disappear, which happens fairly quickly.  And though a contrail may spread out a little, they never spread so as to cover the whole sky like chemtrails do.  The rest of the article is BS as well, but very cleverly done.  The authors of those disinformation campaigns are banking on the fact that most people don’t have a clue about what a contrail is composed of and how it acts.

On the other hand, some investigators I trust made a video which goes into much more depth than I have above.  You can find that at:


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